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Content Marketing

In the digital world, putting the rightly worded content plays an important role in brand reputation management on the digital platforms. At Digimint, we have expert content writers who first understand our clients’ brand and digital media brief before writing content which entice our client’s customers to like or comment on the post to increase brand awareness.

Email and SMS marketing

Email and SMS marketing is one the best online sales platform available which is normally not given required importance. Although, these solution provide mass promotion to a brand with low cost, getting them right will further enhance their effectiveness. At Digimint, we provide with cost effective solution to reach email and SMS messages to the right audience / customer and hence providing qualified sales leads.

Community management

For any brand or online business that wishes to succeed in today’s cut-throat industry competition, timely response to customer queries or complaints plays a vital role in managing the brand reputation to ensure long term sustainability of brand and its revenue. At Digimint, we manage social media pages of brands and ensure timely responses to customers queries including taking online orders for E-commerce businesses.

Youtube and online video monetization

Monetizing your branded content on YouTube and other digital content platforms like Vimeo and Daily Motion allows you to generate revenues when other advertisers choose to promote their brands using your branded content. At Digimint, we exactly know how to boost your branded content on online video platform to reap maximum benefits both in terms of brand awareness and increase in revenue. Our team of online video marketing experts will help in gauging your brand to extract maximum benefit from other advertisers.