//5 Things to Ask Your Future Website Designer

5 Things to Ask Your Future Website Designer

Websites are tricky especially when it’s about your brand or business. Every business owner wants the most out of their investments which is why they should be particularly mindful of where and how they spend their website development budget.

Different websites and blogs need different skill sets and tools for their development. All web designers have various areas of expertise, niches and their own limitations. It is important for all clients to have an understanding of these factors before they commission a webs designer to work on their project.

Here are five of the most important things you should ask your future web designer before you get them on board to complete your website or blog:

Do you have the design sensibilities that I need?

This is a very important question because more than content, your website’s visual design matters. It is the first thing any visitor to your website notices and judges. Take a look at your prospective designer’s existing portfolio to get a clearer understanding of whether they will be able to accomplish what you require.

Do you know the best web design practices?

Best web design practices refer to having the highest quality of functionality and usability for your website. Not all web designers understand the importance of best design practices.

What CMS package do you use?

It is very important to understand whether your web designer will use open source or propriety CMS packages. Open source refers to website design software that commonly available. Proprietary on the other hand means that it is under the ownership of the web designer themselves. This would make open source an option that you can update later by even having another web designer on board. Proprietary on the other hand would make you tied to the existing web designer. Make sure you receive clarification about this point when you are getting a designer on board.

How much do you know about organic SEO?

SEO is should be a very important factor when you are getting your website made. It is something that should be thought of during the design and implementation phases of the website. Make sure that you ask your web designer to make a thorough SEO plan while he’s working on your website. If you merely rush ahead to design and are not mindful of SEO, you might have regrets in the longer run.

What exactly are your project deliverables?

Since you are not a professional web designer it is important that you ask your professional web designer these questions. This is mostly to ensure that you have a sound idea and understanding of what will be offered to you and what you should expect. Ask your web designer if they will include hosting, SEO, page build out, WordPress plug-ins, Google Analytics integration and XML sitemap etc. If you are not aware of what these services are, it is always a good idea to do some research of your own. Your ultimate goal is for your website to produce engagement and results which is why you need to know all your deliverables.

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