//Building Improved Websites with WordPress Trends

Building Improved Websites with WordPress Trends

When it comes to website development, WordPress CMS has been gaining more and more popularity, and with good reason too! This content management system has lots of useful tools and resources that make website development simpler and better. This is why many digital marketing companies offer WordPress development as an independent service so any clients who want the benefits of a WordPress website can get it easily. Moreover, to build more improved websites, there are WordPress trends that can be followed to ensure your website is reaching its maximum potential. We took a look at the latest WordPress trends that are likely to continue well into 2019, so here are some trends we found useful that can help you create better websites.

WordPress Development Trends 2019

Website Builders for WordPress Websites

As WordPress websites gain more and more popularity, so do tools and resources intended for such websites. Lately there has been a rise in the variety of website builders available that offer website building tools and services exclusively for WordPress websites. This makes it easy to set up and create your own WordPress website, as many of the builders have simple tools that anyone can use. For example, many web page customization tools are worked using a simple “drag and drop” feature – choose what you like and drag with your mouse to set it on the website you’re creating! The rise in such website builders will surely increase the number of WordPress websites as well.

Mobile Friendly Websites

With the rise in smart and mobile technology, more and more online users are using their smartphones to browse websites. This means the demand for mobile friendly websites has risen and WordPress has taken into account this factor by allowing WordPress developers to easily develop websites that are mobile-friendly and offer an interactive, smooth experience to mobile users. This helps brands engage with their audience better regardless of whether they use their desktop or mobile site.

Video Header Integration

Your brand’s video content is published primarily on your business website and with the rise in video viewing trends, WordPress stayed ahead of the curve by providing the option to loop your video for integrating it as a header. This allows you to have more control over how you customize your website with video content and also adds more visual appeal for your website visitors by providing them an innovative header. The option for video header integration is available in WordPress Version 4.7.

Improved Animation

Animation using Flash has always been a popular trend in brand websites but it cannot be denied that there were a few limitations. WordPress has eliminated these limitations by improving HTML5 and CSS3, which allows users to engage and interact with the website more openly and easily. Moreover, many of the WordPress sites are making use of particle animation now which helps attract more website visitors and increases the level of interaction and leads.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology for WordPress Websites

AR and VR are both on the rise and brands are leveraging these new technologies to be more innovative in their digital marketing. To aid such ambitious brands, WordPress websites are making integrating of AR and VR easier and simpler. This will help you create a WordPress website that is unique and innovative, with cutting edge technologies on board.

Bright Yet Minimalist Themes

WordPress has successfully started the trend of websites that are colorful without comprising on the trend of minimalist design! With clean and flat design options, bright colors no longer make the website seem too full or too happening. WordPress offers many minimalist design templates that look great in vibrant colors because the spacing, margins, and color quality are all minimalist. Moreover, new WordPress templates’ designs show the colors, scales, and shadows on the web page more clearly. Users can choose their own color scheme via trials and experimenting with gradations, shadows, patterns, hues, and more.

Integration of Micro Interactions

To make websites more user friendly via an added level of interaction, WordPress websites now feature a variety of micro interactions. These are interactions on a smaller scale yet they significantly improve the user’s experience with the website. It also helps make your website look more professional, updated, and personal. The user doesn’t feel as if they are simply looking at a website – instead, they get the feel that they are engaging with it. This develops customer trust and loyalty, so we can understand why this is becoming a popular trend in website development!

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