//Choosing the Right WordPress Plugin

Choosing the Right WordPress Plugin

If you have a business website and are looking at WordPress plugins, you’re probably having some difficulty with choosing the right one. This is understandable – there are up to 30,000 options available! Anyone can feel confused, but with the right insight, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Just do everything step by step and take informed decisions and you will be able to choose the best WordPress plugin for your business website. To help you out, here’s some insight we gleaned from our professional expertise about WordPress plugins:

Plan Ahead

The first thing you should do is ask yourself what is the main purpose of your intended plugin. You probably have an idea about what features you want and how important they are for you, so make an ordered list of these desired features, with the top ones being your top priority. This list will help you filter down the choices significantly. Don’t worry if all your features cannot be covered using a single plugin. You can always use multiple plugins – the point is to make sure they contribute to the user experience of your website.

Search for Plugins

There is a WordPress directory available that you can use to search for plugins. In this directory you’ll find various offers with descriptions about their features. You can then use the list you made to match the features of your desired plugin(s) with those on offer. However, the process can be daunting with thousands of options available, so if you want to search specifically, you can always use Google and type in your search query for plugins and the features you want.

When you are considering a plugin, be sure to check out the number of times it has been downloaded as well as rating. This will give you an idea about the quality of the plugin – and naturally, you want the best quality available! Good ratings and high number of downloads are good indications of quality.

Shortlist and Research

Once you are done browsing and have found a number of options that suit your criteria, it is time to shortlist them. You should have at most 5 to 7 options after shortlisting that you can seriously consider. To shortlist, you should opt for those that match your requirements precisely and have good ratings.

Once you have your selected number of options, it is time to get researching. This is important because not only will it help you choose the best option but also help you avoid getting scammed or receiving malware. Here are some tips to help you research them thoroughly:

  • If you are getting your WordPress plugin from some third party app (and not the official WordPress directory), be wary of scams and malware. Only download what seems authentic and professional.
  • Premium plugins being given for free on any website are suspicious, and so are premium plugins offered as bundles for free.
  • Check out the rating bar of each plugin to see ratings and reviews given by previous users. This will help you get to know whether the plugin is authentic or not.
  • Be sure to take a look at the support section of each plugin. Support sections that have been active and have at least resolved some issues in the past couple of months are a good sign. This means the creators are genuine. Support sections with resolved queries are not a good sign.
  • Check out the FAQ’s section as well to find out more about every plugin.

Try Your Plugin Out

After extensively researching, you have probably chosen the plugin or plugins you want. However, don’t forget to test them out, even if you’re sure they’re authentic and reliable. Sometimes the coding standards of your website doesn’t align with that of the plugin and that can make your website slow down or make your server overloaded. Use a speed testing service to see if your plugin is running on your website properly without slowing it down.

Once you have tested everything out and are confident about your chosen plugins, go ahead and purchase and use them on your website!

If you are still confused about your choice of plugins or want your website to be truly better than the rest, you can come to us! As professionals in the field of web design and development, we know everything about WordPress, plugins, coding, and more! Get in touch with The Precision Design UK today!