//Create a Successful Real Estate Website and Gain More Business

Create a Successful Real Estate Website and Gain More Business

Did you know that nowadays when people want to purchase a property, the first thing they do is go online and run up a search for relevant properties for sale or real estate companies in their locality. This is why most of the real estate businesses are establishing a presence online, so that anytime a potential customer in their locality searches online, their business can be accessible. Of course, the online market is also competitive so when you’re setting up your website, you need to do everything right to ensure it drives traffic, interests your visitors, gets you leads, and transform visitors into customers. At Mintbrains, we know all about how to create the best real estate website, so here’s a short guide for your understanding.

Web Development and Design

First things first – you need to get started on your website. The right experienced people can help you with the technicalities of website development such as hosting, domain name, user friendliness, UX, etc. All of it may seem overwhelming but with the right team at your side, you don’t have to worry about that stuff. At Mintbrains, our clients leave the web development to us and our tech-experts and coders are able to build the best website for you.

Once a website is set up, it needs good design. You can choose any kind of design for your website with Mintbrains. Our designers can come up with an innovative design themselves or you can request what type of web design you want, i.e. minimalist website or classic, etc.

Website Content

Filling your real estate website with content is the factor that can truly distinguish your website from the rest. People will see and read this content, so it needs to be professional, attractive, and informative. We recommend using text as well as visual content like images and videos to fill your website with relevant content. If you’re wondering what pages of content you need, think of the basics first such as having a home page, contact page, about us section, and properties pages since your website is a real estate website. Moreover, we recommend including a page for testimonials so visitors can gain more trust in your business based on them.

Apart from these, we have a few suggestions that can help your real estate website regarding its content:

  • Use attractive images of the properties you are selling
  • Add relevant and factual descriptions to each listed property
  • Opt for video content like virtual home tour videos and testimonial videos
  • Keep the text content useful and minimal – too many words or extra verbose websites can bore the visitors
  • Offer online contact service in your website such as a chat section

Search Engine Optimization

When speaking of content, SEO is never far behind! Search Engine Optimization of your website content is what can enable it to drive traffic. Websites with good SEO rank higher on search engine results which is crucial as the more exposure your website has, the more chances of business for your real estate company. We recommend doing keyword research and incorporating keywords into your content for on page SEO and for off page SEO we suggest opting for having your properties and business website listed in online directories and using social media marketing to link your website.

Here are some extra tips regarding SEO:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use keywords with the locality of your business. For example “real estate business in Atlanta” or “properties for sale in Atlanta” if your business is located in Atlanta. This helps drive local traffic.
  • Use blog posts to regularly update your website with relevant articles that can brings more readers (and potential clients) to your website!

At Mintbrains, we also offer web content and SEO solutions apart from web development and design. We can take care of building your entire real estate website with ease!