//Easily Start Your Own Online Store

Easily Start Your Own Online Store

Ecommerce is a booming industry and many aspiring entrepreneurs want to try their hand at having their own online store. We always encourage such ambitions and our mission here at Mintbrains is to help as many clients as possible in making their business objectives come to life. To help you get started on your online business, here’s a guide we came up with that can tell you how to easily start your own online store:

Choosing the Right Platform

A common mistake many aspiring online company owners make is that they don’t put enough thought about which platform will be used for their online store. For starters, we always recommend opting for one of the two most popular platforms for online stores: WordPress or Shopify. With either of these, you can’t go wrong because they’re built to set up attractive and functional online stores at minimal effort.

Both of these platforms are very user friendly and also easy on the pocket when considered in terms of the returns you can potentially get. Additionally, starting your own online store on these platforms is easy, with everything categorized so that even if you have no knowledge of coding or development, you can still make your own website.

Choose Your Plan

Shopify and WordPress have a variety of plans available. Your ecommerce specifications are going to help you decide which plan you need. For instance, for a small business you can choose a cheaper plan to go easy on your budget, or you can aim high and go for a completely professional website and build a large online store.

Think of a Domain Name

The first thing you need after you have chosen your platform and package is a name for your online store – that’s your domain name or URL. Think of something creative yet clear enough for people to immediately understand what your business is selling. Don’t get too clever with it as that can confuse your audience and even rank lower on Google. Google prefers simpler domain names so it’s best to opt for that!

Using Templates

Design is undoubtedly a major part of your online store as it can help attract customers. Many new online store owners are worried about this aspect because they don’t know graphic designing or they don’t have the budget to hire one. The good news is, you don’t need either the skill or the money to be able to design your own online store website on WordPress or Shopify. You can take the help of templates and try them out using the simple drag and drop feature and choose what you think works best!

Add Your Products

Once your template is worked out and your online store is ready to use, you can start adding your products! Add their images, descriptions, tags, price, and other details so your customers have a complete idea of what to expect from each product. Be sure that the images and descriptions you add are real and similar to the actual product you’re offering so that your online store can build integrity and reliability!

Have fun with your online store and keep adding new products regularly to keep it going! Good luck!