//Genius Ways to Use Interactive Videos

Genius Ways to Use Interactive Videos

The world of video marketing has been waiting to be transformed and revolutionized by interactive video for quite some time now. However, there is little progress that has been made in the field as of yet. This does not mean that brands are not trying their best to utilize interactive video for their own brand engagement.

What does Interactive Video mean?

Interactive Video refers to videos that are made in a narrative structure and the viewers have control of where the flow of the narrative takes them. This control is provided to them through on-screen objects that they can click, questions they can answer and even have products shown that they can buy. These factors and their interactivity with them create an immersive experience for the viewer.

This kind of marketing is perfect in the digital age where there is heaps of clutter everyday on numerous media platforms about thousands of brands. In such a setting, interactive video has the potential of providing to viewers the ability to connect directly to the brand and its products. It gives them a certain degree of control over their engagement with the brand which is something that is missing from other forms of digital marketing.

Factors to be Mindful Of:
  • Brands that want their brand value and engagement to be increased definitely should delve into and experiment with interactive video. While on the expensive side, this form of engagement is definitely more profitable than other traditional methods of marketing.
  • In the past, interactive video used to have certain limitations. However, as of late these limitations have been vanished and developers are trying their best to make interactive videos compatible with modern devices. Interactive video now runs in HTML on browsers and also works on iOS devices owing to the release of iOS X.
Areas Interactive Video Can be Implemented In:
  • Beauty: Beauty brands have the most to gain from interactive video. They can easily promote their new products and have their consumers interact with them before and after launch by making use of interactive video.
  • Gaming: If you are a gaming brand, this is one of the best ways to create hype about an upcoming launch. By making use of interactive video, you can give consumers a sneak peek into what you have in store for them with the anticipated release. It is the perfect way to hook prospective customers to the narrative and gain their interest.
  • Travel: Who doesn’t love to travel? Brands and businesses that provide travel services can instantly get more customers by using interactive video. Using scenic visuals and giving the viewer a chance to interact with them is bound to ignite wanderlust within them. If you have a beautifully shot interactive video with mesmerizing views, you can expect a great boost in revenues.