//Get a Successful Website with a High Conversion Rate and Online Ranking

Get a Successful Website with a High Conversion Rate and Online Ranking

Your business’ online presence (and success) depends largely on your business website. Therefore, if you want to establish your brand online, you need to put all your effort into ensuring your website is successful. A successful business website is one that not only gets a lot of traffic but also one that has a high rate of conversion of visitors into customers and ranks on top in search engine results. To get such a website for your business, here’s what you can do:

Straightforward, Simple, and Stress-free

The best websites are those that don’t go over the top but rather focus on simplicity of design and ease of functionality. Good user experience is built by having a website that is easy to navigate, smooth in functionality, and attractive without being too heavy on the eyes. Good design that compromises the simplicity and straightforwardness of your website is actually the worst kind of design – so keep things simple and stress-free! Keep all your website’s features easy to browse through and ensure that pages load quickly – this can also help boost sales!

Focus on Your USP

A USP is your brand’s Unique Selling Point – basically the main element in your brand that sets you apart from the other and makes visitors want to become your customer. Every successful online business website clearly emphasizes its USP. Whatever your brand has to offer to customers, make it clear to them right from the main page!

Make It Easy for Customers to Engage

Your objective is to have a high conversion rate and ensuring your visitors find it easy to engage with your brand is one way of encouraging them. For example, if you are seeking to get your visitors’ email address or get them to join your mailing list, make it easy for them to subscribe. Offer a short form with maximum three fields – getting their name and email address is more than enough!

Another way of making it easy for your customers to engage with your brand is by helping them get to know your business easily. Don’t offer too much information or long paragraphs. Keep everything minimal and to the point. Use bullet lists, images, and catchy headlines to relate to your visitors what your brand is all about.

CTA’s and Encouraging Words

You’d be surprised to see how much of a difference the right usage of words can make in your website. Be sure to sound as inviting as possible to your visitors. Use a Call to Action in every page to encourage users to subscribe, buy, or contact. Also be sure to use positive words that are welcoming and friendly. For instance, using “we’d love to hear from you” can always work better than “contact us”.

Make It Beautiful

Don’t compromise on the beauty of your website – it can be the element that attracts a person to your business! However, a website is not just beautiful because of its design but rather because of its entire structure and composition. Each page should be cleanly structured with a simple font used for the text and attractive colors. Bring your business website to life with attractive, high quality images to break the monotony of text. Moreover, evenly space every part of each web page and make it seem more appealing and easy to read.

Add a Chat Box

Let willing visitors be able to interact with you on the spot by adding a chat box. This can greatly increase the conversion rate of your website and also makes your business seem more professional. The best part? It can also enable you to get more information about your website visitors!

Post Authentic Testimonials

What people have to say about your business can sometimes be the selling point for some people who visit your website so be sure to add all those positive reviews on your website! Either on the main page or on a Testimonials tab, these reviews will help people trust your business more.

Mobile Friendliness Matters

In this day and age, a website that is not optimized for mobile is an outdated one. Don’t make this mistake and ensure your website is easy to access and browse through on desktop and mobile devices alike!

Try It Out!

Once you have a fully developed and designed website in your hands, don’t forget to try it out before you open it for the world to see. Test each part of your website – try out all the links, pages, and chat box, see if the images are loading quickly, remove any glitches, etc. Make sure your website is usable and easy to browse through!

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