//How to Create Better Content for Your Restaurant Website

How to Create Better Content for Your Restaurant Website

If you own a restaurant, you should have a useful website for it so that your customers can easily find you, get to know you, see your menu, look at images, and gather any other information they need. Without a website, you could potentially be losing out on a lot of business! However, it is not just enough to have a website – maintaining it well is also important, because a good website can help attract customers and encourage them to eat at your restaurant!

If you’re wondering how to achieve the best restaurant website, here are some ways you can create better content that attracts people and compels them to try out what you have to offer!

Offer the Content Restaurant Visitors Want

One of the biggest mistakes restaurant owners do is not put up the kind of content on their website that would prove to be useful to people interested in dining out. Many restaurant websites are either too cluttered with information or ads that they’re almost impossible to navigate through or they’re too minimal with only basic information and nothing else. What you need to do is find a middle ground and offer relevant content.

Think of yourself as a customer looking at restaurant websites online – what can your purposes be? That’s right – look at the menu, book a table, see location on the map, etc. This is the kind of information you should offer. Show your menu, your restaurant interior’s images, and add content about special discounts or offers. Moreover, ensure your website has features like online reservation. And lastly, don’t forget to include the most important information such as your contact number, address (preferably with map), timings, etc.

Highlight Special Offers

It’s not enough to simply post about special offers online – you also have make people excited about them. How do you do this? Well, rather than simply writing on that blackboard you keep outside your restaurant, you can boast about it online! Create hashtags, post pictures, countdowns, and similar stuff to make people as excited about the special offers as you want them to be.

Use Testimonials

A person tells another person they have got to try out this restaurant and it is more than likely they’ll listen. In the restaurant industry, word of mouth matters a lot so don’t underestimate the power of testimonials. Get real, authentic reviews from your visitors and ask their permission if they can be posted on your website. The ones who consent to it, post their reviews on your website! You can also request your customers to give you a rating or post a review on directories like Yelp.

Post Interesting Short Videos

Food related videos are very popular these days especially quick time lapse videos of food being prepared or something uniquely satisfying like melted cheese being poured or cake being cut. These videos can get you a lot of attention online so start making high quality videos and post them. You can make a time lapse video (from your iPhone!) of a food item being prepared or plated, or you can film your chef for a behind the scenes kind of video.

Create a Blog

What’s happening in your restaurant business? What offers are coming up? How did your last public event go? Is there a new menu item being introduced? All of these are questions your audience can be interested in, so you can answer them all in your blog. Having a blog on your restaurant website is very useful for posting news, updates, special features, coverages, etc. It keeps people informed about your business and also keeps your website regularly updated which ranks better on Google and generates more traffic.

Running a restaurant isn’t easy and neither is maintaining your restaurant’s website, but with a little extra effort and creativity, you can have a successful website that brings in many customers for you! Of course, if you need any help in professionally maintain your restaurant website, you can count on us! Mintbrains’ content writing and social media marketing team is pro at keeping websites updated and maintained to their best potential.