//How to Do Digital Photography like a Pro

How to Do Digital Photography like a Pro

Digital photography has many uses for everyone but that doesn’t mean everyone can do it professionally. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or have a small business that you need to capture through your lens beautifully to attract customers, here are some tips that can help you do digital photography like a pro!

Graph Lines

Many camera screens already have digital graph lines that help you situate your subject better. If your camera doesn’t have them or you are using the viewfinder to take your shot, then the best thing to do is imagine the lines. Two lines across and two vertical, divided equally into 9 squares. The middle square is the center you can use to situate a subject right in the middle, but you can also experiment and keep your subject off-center. Just don’t make it too extremely on the side!


No one wants blurry pictures – we know you want a completely sharp image. For this, tripods are your best friends and it is definitely a gear you should consider investing in. However, if you don’t have a tripod, your best shot (pun intended!) is to make full and proper use of your hands. Use one hand to grab the camera firmly and the other to press the shutter button. Also make sure your feet are firm on the ground!

Slow shutter speeds can also result in blurry images, especially if you don’t have a tripod. Try keeping your shutter speed at least equal to or more than your focal length.

Going Manual

Auto digital photography does make many things easier, but it doesn’t take picture perfect shots. For this, you have to put a little extra effort and really understand the manual controls such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Don’t be afraid to test them all out and learn via experiment! You can also use semi-manual modes like Aperture-priority to get the hang of each control one at a time.

Landscape Photography

When taking pictures of landscapes, you want pictures that have a certain depth to them that gives them a life-like feel. For this, you can shoot using a wide angle lens to get a perfect panorama or you can use a small aperture (f/16 or less) to ensure the entire picture is clear and sharp.

Plain Backgrounds

When you want to focus on a subject, choose backgrounds that don’t pop. Too many loud colors or patterns can disrupt the actual focus of the image. This is a very useful tip for product photography and portraits.

Using the Flash

You’ll get the best colors in pictures taken without flash so don’t always use it. For indoor settings, try using a wide aperture so maximum light reaches the camera. For outdoors in daylight, always avoid the flash and make use of natural lighting for the best shots.digital photography small business

Shutter Speed

Your shutter speed can make a lot of difference and if you know how to use it right, you can get some awesome pictures such as that of light in motion! Slower shutter speeds in night time help you get light trails but using a tripod can often be necessary for slow shutter shots so that is an investment you should definitely consider.digital photography small business