//How to Nurture Leads Into Buyers Using Only SEO

How to Nurture Leads Into Buyers Using Only SEO

Lead nurturing as any SEO expert knows is tricky business. SEO optimization which can lead to nurturing leads into buyers is one of the best ways to increase sales and revenues by any brand. However, it needs to be done systematically and methodologically in order for it to actually be of any use. If done right it not only maximizes your revenues but also causes a positive shift in clients and expands your brand’s awareness. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this goal through organic traffic:

Keywords are not everything:

Keywords play a lot of importance in the dynamics of SEO strategy. However, in this case, it is very important to keep the buyer in mind above all. The keywords used need to consist of an insight from the buyer and their concerns. Make sure you understand the buyer and what they need and most importantly how they interact with your brand. This will enable you to gauge an idea of their buying decisions. Collect as much relevant data as you can related to these factors. Another helpful idea would be to understand customer attributes such as job role, job responsibilities, how they measure their success at their job, income level, education level, family status and even hobbies. All these things will enable you to up your keyword game drastically.

Strategy Matters:

Once you have locked down your buyers and all their attributes, the next step is to work on a relevant content strategy. The best way to do this would be to enumerate all the challenges a buyer faces during each stages of the journey. Make sure that you create content which addresses these concerns. In addition to this, make sure that your content not only addresses these concerns but also offers viable options and solutions which solve the problems of the buyer. Once, you are able to rank content for keywords and search phrases, you can easily nurture them accordingly.

Don’t Underestimate Social Media Weightage:

Social Media platforms have become predominant influencers in today’s buying trends especially among the youth. Platforms such as Hootsuite can help you keep track of social media chatter based on the brand, product category and keywords. Find out which platforms are more widely used by the buyers you want to target and then distribute your content effectively via those platforms. Another way to do this is to work with paid media specialists who can help you uncover data about your buyers.

It cannot be emphasized enough that most of the game lies within ensuring that you know your buyers. Only once you understand them and the trends along which they function will you be able to organically nurture your leads into buyers. Since buyers are becoming smarter every day, it is very important to tap into their trends at the right time and provide them the right content efficiently.