//Make Your Law Firm Website Stand Out With These Tips

Make Your Law Firm Website Stand Out With These Tips

The importance of a good law firm website should not be underestimated. Gone are the days when people looked at directories to find law firms – now they run up a search on Google and check out the top ranking results. To have your law firm website rank high on Google search results, it is important to have a well-designed website that stands out. Moreover, having a good website helps you increase the rate of conversion and attract more customers to your business. We understand that competition is high and it’s not easy to have such a successful law firm website – but you can always achieve such a website by investing your time, effort and resources on it. Trust us, the end results will be worth all the investment! Here are some tips on making your law firm website better than ever:

Show Your Expertise

Clients who are in search of a law firm’s services want to see your abilities and legal expertise the most when they visit your website. If they are not satisfied with the quality of service as portrayed on your website, they’re unlike to move any forward with your business. Show objective proof of how good your services are. There are a couple of ways you can do this, including:

  • Using reviews and testimonials on your website. If you include links to your Yelp reviews or add positive client feedback on your website, people will trust your service more. Be sure to always use genuine reviews and testimonials because fabricated reviews only make your business practice seem worse or fraudulent.
  • Showcase your portfolio or case studies. On your website, show your visitors the work you have done in the past so as to give proof of your experience and expertise. Have a solid portfolio or show case studies that you have tackled in the past.
  • Show visitors your legal team. All the attorneys on board in your business as well as legal specialists should be introduced on your website. List their qualifications or specialties and be sure to add their names and images to build trust and confidence in your audience.

Communicate Effectively

One of the main things people want from a law firm is good communication. They want simple, clear cut and concise communication from your end, and not speech that’s loaded with legal jargon and technicalities. Show your audience that you are capable of interacting with on a simple level that they understand so their needs can be fulfilled with ease.

To do this, you can always start a blog section on your website. Regularly post articles related to the legal industry and write them in such a way that everyone is able to understand them. These articles will also offer many other benefits for your website such as higher traffic, increased rate of conversion, better online rankings, and more.

Add Certifications, Awards and Credentials

Show hard, objective proof of how good your legal practice is by showcasing any and all certifications, awards and credentials you have. These will help build trust in your audience and depict the quality and professionalism of your business.

Be Responsive and Open to Communication

It is not just enough to have a Contact Us section that encourages people to get in touch with your law firm via email, phone number or office address. You must give your visitors the impression that you are always ready to respond to their concerns and address their queries. To do this, try adding a chat box in your website with a computer generated chat bot that automatically responds to frequently asked questions. If you can have real customer service, that’s even better. Also be sure to add CTAs on every page to encourage people to get in touch with you.