//The Best Website Design Trends for 2019

The Best Website Design Trends for 2019

Like all other design trends, website design also keeps evolving and we get to see many new trends that arise every year. From these, some become very popular and are considered the best trends to follow. To help all aspiring businesses who want to create the best website for their business, we researched and compiled a list of the best website design trends for 2019 that you can gain inspiration from.

Simple Layouts

Many business websites this year are opting for simple layouts, where everything is clean and organized, making the website easy to browse through, and also reinforcing the popular minimalist design trend. These simple layouts categorically lay every part of the website openly, so visitors have no trouble navigating. This trend is most likely so popular because it helps enhance the user experience and makes for faster, smoother websites. This trend applies to desktop as well as mobile websites.

Of course, simple layouts don’t mean basic websites that do away with features like animation or chat bots – these features will simply be less intrusive and incorporated in a simpler website layout.

Focus on Typography

Since layouts are becoming simpler, this means the other elements have to be attractive enough to make the website stand out. This is why many developers are focusing their energies on creating new and innovative typographies that are unique as well as appealing. These typographies will help enhance a website, especially the text-only ones. Moreover, we can expect to see bolder typographies and fonts to ensure they stand out.

Smarter Websites

As technology gets more complex, business websites will want to flex their technology focused side by creating smarter websites. Many websites are now starting to create sites that integrate Internet of Things (IoT) to build a smarter and more interactive experience for its visitors.

Taking Video to a New Level

Videos are already popular for website and 2019 will be the year when video is taken to the next level as brands try and get more creative with how they can use video for their benefit. Video headers and animated videos will remain popular, but we’ll also see some new video trends like virtual reality or 360 degree videos. These will offer an enhanced visual appeal to websites and make them seem more updated and professional.

Animations Will Get Subtler

Animations have been around for a long time now but many website visitors considered them a nuisance because they were flashy and intrusive. In 2019, things will change for animations as they get better and more user friendly. Subtle animations like mouse-triggered moving images and animated logos are likely to be seen across many websites.

Improved Security

With many news being heard about data breaches and website hacks, people have gotten a little insecure about sharing their information online, especially with business websites. To tackle this problem, developers will create websites that have added security for the convenience and assurance of their visitors.

Smarter Chat Bots

Chat bots have been previously known to struggle with complicated user queries which reduces the seamlessness of customers interacting with businesses. 2019 is looking forward to smarter chat bots and many websites will use them to offer a better and quicker customer service to its visitors.