//The Latest Video Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2019

The Latest Video Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2019

Video marketing is making a wave in the world of digital marketing, and 2019 is seeing a major rise in video so we know brands must want to know the latest video marketing trends. By knowing these trends, you can upgrade your online marketing strategy to ensure you’re using video to its maximum potential! So without further ado, let’s get straight to the video marketing trends for 2019:

Social Media Video Allows All Businesses Equal Exposure

Social media has been one of the major revolutionary elements for video marketing, and this trend is perhaps the best part about it. Previously, only large corporations got to use video to its maximum potential because they got the attention, but now with social media news feeds displaying big and small brands’ content on an equal scale, the dynamics have changed. Now even if you own a small business your video content can receive the same exposure as, say, a Coca Cola ad would.

Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming videos are becoming more popular each day and brands are coming up with unique ways to use the live video feature offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Behind the scenes type live videos or launch events, etc. are some of the common types of live videos brands use in order to develop the level of engagement with the clients.

Less Emphasis on Production Quality and More Emphasis on Content Quality

This is one of the trends we are really happy about. Brands are now focused on earning customers’ trust and loyalty, and not only customers. This means the attempt for brands nowadays is to reach their audience on a personal level. What this means for video marketing is that brands are now creating videos that look more authentic and feel more personal than looking high quality. Some brands even shoot videos on smartphones and take shots of everyday people to build the authenticity of their videos.

Socially Responsible Video Content

Speaking of quality content, another video marketing trend that is one the rise is that of socially aware content. Brands are now taking a more humane, social approach to their identity and that means caring about humanity, the environment, and similar social ideas. Many brands are using video content to boast their humanitarian side – videos that raise awareness about a social issue, for instance, are very popular. These videos help start conversations about something important which works great for a brand that wants more exposure, more loyalty, and more engagement from its audience.

Instagram Video Becomes Even More Popular

As we already know, 2018 was a great year for Instagram and it’s likely to become even more popular. In 2019, Instagram allows brands to share video content in three different ways:

  • Video posts or stories that let you share tidbits of video content, great for showing ads, BTS videos, etc. Video posts with the right hashtags pop up on the Explore section.
  • Live videos that allow brands to share events, launches, product reveals, and other content with their followers.
  • IGTV, the new feature that lets users share long video content, making it great if you want to share videos like surveys, interviews, process videos, etc.

Thus, brands will find a lot of opportunity on Instagram for their video marketing in 2019.

LinkedIn Video Content

LinkedIn video content is also a major video marketing trend of 2019 because we expect a rise in B2B video through this channel. While other social media platforms offer the best opportunity for B2C marketing, LinkedIn changes the game and allows B2B video marketing. Moreover, LinkedIn video ads are getting more popular by the day, so a rise in LinkedIn video content is something we are certain will occur in 2019.

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